Why You Are Amazing!


I can easily say 2020 has been given a bad reputation. Don’t get me wrong, it is by far one of the most unbelievable, yet memorable years of my life. I’m willing to bet you could say something similar. 

You are looking, searching to feel something good. Hopeful. Happy. My dear beloved friend I promise I’m not going to bring up every single terrible event that took place this year. What you went through was real, painful, hell on Earth. We have had enough of that negativity for years, and then some!
Honestly, I want to talk just you and me. Yes, I know the ache in your chest. Sure, I’m very familiar with that lump in your throat. The constant headaches. Stay with me. There is something beautiful I want to unfold for you! Dive deep into your soul and mind. I want you to imagine the “you” from 2019. Weak. Afraid. Maybe? Relying on the world and technology 24/7 in many (if not all), aspects of life. Do you remember complaining about not having enough time in the day to read your kids one more bedtime story? Or how about packing your schedule so full, you ordered take out and ate at the office? The 2019 version of you was self centered, living for the moment or living for tomorrow. Never, ever even considered to live for right now. Take a deep breath through your nose and focus on being still. Take your time reading each word, after all we are in no rush. With your next inhale place your hand over your heart. Now exhale. Keep your hand there. Inhale again. Exhale and repeat until you feel yourself calm and present. 
Welcome back my friend! Little darlin’ it seems like years since you’ve been here! Sorry I had to throw the Beatles in there! On a serious note please do not take my words lightly. Words hold weight. These words are for you. 
You are stronger than you would have EVER known. You stood for something important. You ate dinner as a family. You listened to your children, not just heard them but actually listened. You were challenged. Pushed. You resisted. But you made it. You not only made it, you broke generational strongholds! You got back to the basics. You found out what really matters. You found yourself. The good. The not so good. The un-loveable (which really is extremely loveable by the way), and the down right amazing. The warrior. The lion. The heart of a servant. 
Keep imagining the soul that is stirring inside of you. Recollect the uncertainty, anger, anxiety, all throughout 2020 and BEFORE that year if we’re being honest! Your entire life has been one event after another. Good and not so good. But the miraculous truth about this is, you ARE different today. You can’t revert back to who you once were. A great different. 
You are stronger. Wiser. Kinder. Gentler. A sympathizer. Resilient. Remarkable. One of a kind. Compassionate. Brave. Determined. Important. Simply stated, my friend, you are needed. You are wanted. And you are so, so loved. Especially by me and your Heavenly King.  


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