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This is the luxurious, fine laundry detergent that I use for our shower towels, bed sheets, pillow cases, and yes even our comforters. Lol. This detergent is by far THE BEST! If you haven’t tried it yet, sis you’re really missing out!

Okay sis, we are officially BFF’s if I tell you a secret! Are you ready? I have never had lash extensions before! I know, right?! Most of you are like me, into fashion, beauty, all the Mama life things and friendship! Y’all are my people! So I am frequently asked why not? I am absolutely not against them at all, honestly I am just petrified that I will lose my natural lashes forever. Lol. As silly as it sounds it’s the truth. This serum has already won beauty awards for 2020 and it’s the second week of July! FYI- This s something you use once a day at nightime, for 4-6 weeks but you will see the most benefits using it for 3 months.

I am super picky with which mascaras I will and will never use. There are some mascaras that feel as if they are weighing my eyes down, even though I know they aren’t. It’s just a mental annoyance that I have found to benefit me, as far as blogging goes, anyway. Haha! Just to say that I try A LOT of different products so y’all don’t have to waist your money. This is affordable, only $27 in fact!

This matte cream lipstick is the prettiest shade for summer! This matte lipstick is super creamy AND the ingrediants stimulate the collagen in your lips which also makes them appear very hydrated!

This is the newest Eye Balm from TULA, and if you are familiar with their skincare products, you know why! But if you are reluctant to try it, I completely get it. I was where you are. But then curiosity got the better of me, pretty on brand for me lol, and I finally decided to see what the hype was. If it was even real!

Well, sis I’m going to tell you that the hype is 100% real because their products, ESPECIALLY this one for me, is nothing less than the best quality!

Of course I am a HUGE lover of the original glow and get it. If you are on the fence between the two, I personally would try this one first. So many of my girlfriend’s keep this one or the rose glow and get it in our purses, acting as a back up! If you travel often for work or just because you enjoy it, you definitely either use this or HAVE to start using it, like yesterday. Lol The skin underneath your eyes is so soft and delicate which is one of the reasons we show age in our face earliest around our eyes.

This post is not in anyway sponsored. All opinions are my own!

I hope you have the best day today, sis!!

XOXO, Cais