My Favorite Amazon Picks For The Week of 9/15/19- 9/22/19


Everything is linked through Amazon , of course! I was also able to find bigger and more detailed photos of every product for you babes, that way you know exactly what you are getting! Happy Sunday and happy Amazon shopping! Xoxo

These Pacifier Clips by TYRY.HU are so dang cute and affordable! They are $12.99 and offer so many different designs! They even have gender neutral if you are not finding out the gender just yet!

I swear this product is my holy grail! I cannot travel without it even for one night! I noticed a HUGE improvement with my gums and teeth after the first time using it!

If you are anything like me you don’t get to pamper yourself at the spa regularly… or even occasionally. Haha! When my feet hurt after cleaning the house from top to bottom, had a stressful day with the kids? Draw yourself a bath and pour in some Epsoak Epsom Salts! Turn on some piano music, light your favorite candles (or better yet, use flameless candles so you don’t accidentally start a fire).

These headbands are a total dupe for the $150.00 for one headband by Lele Sadoughi! At a fraction of the cost of the designer headband, the quality is great! If you don’t tell anyone you are not wearing a real Lele Sadoughi headband, I promise you no one will ever know! Well, unless you have some smart friends who buy these headbands too. But then it can just be your little secret!

I absolutely saved the best for last, babes! A huge trend right now and even into fall this year are wrap bracelets. The wrap bracelet by Kelitch is so stunning and is the best neutral color! You can easily wear this with a ton of different styles! Here is a bigger, more detailed picture of the bracelets!

I LOVE fashion! & family is my passion 💗 if you like fashion, home decor, family trips, and fun, than you are right where you belong!
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