Year: 2020


I can easily say 2020 has been given a bad reputation. Don’t get me wrong, it is by far one of the most unbelievable, yet memorable years of my life. I’m willing to bet you could say something similar. 

You are looking, searching to feel something good. Hopeful. Happy. My dear beloved friend I promise I’m not going to bring up every single terrible event that took place this year. What you went through was real, painful, hell on Earth. We have had enough of that negativity for years, and then some!
Honestly, I want to talk just you and me. Yes, I know the ache in your chest. Sure, I’m very familiar with that lump in your throat. The constant headaches. Stay with me. There is something beautiful I want to unfold for you! Dive deep into your soul and mind. I want you to imagine the “you” from 2019. Weak. Afraid. Maybe? Relying on the world and technology 24/7 in many (if not all), aspects of life. Do you remember complaining about not having enough time in the day to read your kids one more bedtime story? Or how about packing your schedule so full, you ordered take out and ate at the office? The 2019 version of you was self centered, living for the moment or living for tomorrow. Never, ever even considered to live for right now. Take a deep breath through your nose and focus on being still. Take your time reading each word, after all we are in no rush. With your next inhale place your hand over your heart. Now exhale. Keep your hand there. Inhale again. Exhale and repeat until you feel yourself calm and present. 
Welcome back my friend! Little darlin’ it seems like years since you’ve been here! Sorry I had to throw the Beatles in there! On a serious note please do not take my words lightly. Words hold weight. These words are for you. 
You are stronger than you would have EVER known. You stood for something important. You ate dinner as a family. You listened to your children, not just heard them but actually listened. You were challenged. Pushed. You resisted. But you made it. You not only made it, you broke generational strongholds! You got back to the basics. You found out what really matters. You found yourself. The good. The not so good. The un-loveable (which really is extremely loveable by the way), and the down right amazing. The warrior. The lion. The heart of a servant. 
Keep imagining the soul that is stirring inside of you. Recollect the uncertainty, anger, anxiety, all throughout 2020 and BEFORE that year if we’re being honest! Your entire life has been one event after another. Good and not so good. But the miraculous truth about this is, you ARE different today. You can’t revert back to who you once were. A great different. 
You are stronger. Wiser. Kinder. Gentler. A sympathizer. Resilient. Remarkable. One of a kind. Compassionate. Brave. Determined. Important. Simply stated, my friend, you are needed. You are wanted. And you are so, so loved. Especially by me and your Heavenly King.  


I hope this helps let someone you love what you’d like this holiday season but also help you get things for the special ones in your life. ❤️

Love, Cais


Hey lovies! I know it’s been way too long! But I am feeling refreshed and ready to share some of my favorite gift guides with you!

These are some of my & my family’s favorite gifts ever! Happy shopping!!

Love, Cais 


Happy November besties!!

Wow!! What a year 2020 is! Definitely one we’ll look back on & hopefully smile & maybe even laugh a bit when we think back on the year of quarantine for so many

I have created the ultimate holiday gift guide for him (any and all in your life), whether it be your boyfriend, dad, brother or cousin, I’ve got you covered!

XOXO, Cais


Hey there dolls! I hope October is treating you all super well!! 🧡

This month has been all over the place for me, up and down, with my daughter‘s birthday being on the 28th and her not being here has been really difficult and distracting me from my normal day to day life.

I have gotten a ton of messages on my Instagram about my favorite October fashion, beauty and home decor. I started thinking what better than an October Favorites Roundup!!



Everyone has their go-to staples depending on where you live & what season it is, right?

Living in Florida, it’s hot all of the time, all year long! But thank God for AC!

These ultra high rise mom jeans have forever changed the game! They are trendy, super stylish, fit true to size & the best part they won’t break the bank!

Whether you are looking for an edgy outfit, casual, or date night look, Abercrombie ultra high rise mom jeans are the way to go, sis!


Hey friends! You love affordable skincare as much as I do (yay for healthy skin!) Not only do I HIGHLY recommend all of these products but I also believe that skincare should be affordable, great quality products available for us girls! Every chance I get to write an Amazon post for you, sis I get SO EXCITED! 😁


I have been someone who is very sensitive to other people’s feelings and emotions.  When I was in middle school I felt like the weight of everyone’s problems sat on my shoulders! My husband on the other hand is the complete opposite, which frustrated me.

Boy, I could not have asked God for better timing than the crisp, fresh autumn season to bring me something I never knew I needed! Simply Earth’s Essential Oils! 

Let me say, I am no expert at essential oils, however, I do know that I did not want an artificial smell, nothing extra added in, and no toxins!

The promise Simply Earth makes to each one of us is, 1. every single batch of oil is ethically sourced! 2. Each individual batch is tested METICULOUSLY to ensure the oils do not have any fragrances, toxins, etc.

It is 100% pure oil! And the best part is the Simply Earth monthly recipe box! High quality essential oils, recipe cards to make with your kids, grandkids, neices, or nephews! Or just by yourself, believe me, you will want this all for you! 

Caidan and I LOVE making the fall recipes! If you ask him what his favorite is, he will not hesitate to tell you, “it’s fall y’all!” 

If you subscribe to the monthly box you will never pay shipping! You can cancel at anytime. Absolute 0 commitment. And in the most stressful, chaotic time in our lives, you are showing self care AND self love!

How does it work? Each box has over $100 of products inside!  DO NOT FORGET, you also get a FREE Big Bonus Box when you subscribe today.

Every box has EXACTLY what you need! You can make 6 all natural recipes in one month delivered directly to your door! Each and every recipe is tested by certified Aromatherapists first, which is absolutely incredible! 

Simply Earth has been so kind and amazing to offer each of you a free $40 gift card with your first box and bonus box! The code FASHIONSUNSHINEFAMILYFREE is your $40 gift card code when you sign up for the monthly subscription. 

Simply Earth is seriously the bomb because incase you want to try the products but you have not yet subscribed, use this link to get 20% off of your first purchase, then 10% off of every purchase after that. But I HIGHLY, recommend subscribing, you save money and get so many goodies!