Year: 2019


Hey babes! I know it has been such a long time since I have written a blog post! A lot has been going on over here in the Heaton home.

The first and most important announcement I have is, Aubree finally arrived!

Our beautiful baby girl was born on October 28th! She has been nothing but a blessing! We are so grateful for such a happy and healthy baby!

Aubree Lynn

We want to thank you all for all of the well wishes, congratulations, and prayers for our family!

I have so much fun and exciting content coming your way and I CANNOT wait!

Caidan is such a wonderful big brother and is obsessed with his sissy!

Belated Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!


I absolutely LOVE decorating! I won’t sit here and pretend like I don’t. But decorating an entire home is very different and much more stressful than decorating an apartment or just a bedroom. So to help make it easier for you whether it be your first home or 1,000th home, I have round up the best home decor AND it is budget friendly! & everything is linked as usual!

This is just a few pieces to help you get started on your decorating needs! P.S. part two will be coming soon 😉

Kitchen Storage


Everything is linked through Amazon , of course! I was also able to find bigger and more detailed photos of every product for you babes, that way you know exactly what you are getting! Happy Sunday and happy Amazon shopping! Xoxo

These Pacifier Clips by TYRY.HU are so dang cute and affordable! They are $12.99 and offer so many different designs! They even have gender neutral if you are not finding out the gender just yet!

I swear this product is my holy grail! I cannot travel without it even for one night! I noticed a HUGE improvement with my gums and teeth after the first time using it!

If you are anything like me you don’t get to pamper yourself at the spa regularly… or even occasionally. Haha! When my feet hurt after cleaning the house from top to bottom, had a stressful day with the kids? Draw yourself a bath and pour in some Epsoak Epsom Salts! Turn on some piano music, light your favorite candles (or better yet, use flameless candles so you don’t accidentally start a fire).

These headbands are a total dupe for the $150.00 for one headband by Lele Sadoughi! At a fraction of the cost of the designer headband, the quality is great! If you don’t tell anyone you are not wearing a real Lele Sadoughi headband, I promise you no one will ever know! Well, unless you have some smart friends who buy these headbands too. But then it can just be your little secret!

I absolutely saved the best for last, babes! A huge trend right now and even into fall this year are wrap bracelets. The wrap bracelet by Kelitch is so stunning and is the best neutral color! You can easily wear this with a ton of different styles! Here is a bigger, more detailed picture of the bracelets!


Have you babes shopped at Goodnight Macaroon yet?! If you have not heard of them let me be the first to say, you will fall in love! I don’t know about you lovies but I do not want to always break the bank every time a new trend comes in style for only one season! Goodnight Macaroon is a great company to get the designer look and feel, without the designer price tag! Take a look at 15 of my favorite New Arrivals! I love hearing what pieces speak your style and all of the emails and messages letting me know what you’ve purchased! I know you all love and trust this company as much as I do. Xoxo



One of my favorite things about September in Florida, is the warm temperatures, but almost 0 humidity! And boy, trust me when I tell you that humidity makes all the difference! In honor of summer coming to an end and fall (literally), right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to do a little summer round up of all the fun things there are to do in South Florida!

This hotel is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! It is the Hyatt Residence Club Sarasota, Siesta Key Beach!

Anytime my family and I are in Siesta Key, we always decide to stop at the Sarasota Bay!


There are so many products out there marketed for newborns, infants, and toddlers! I swear when I had my son I had no clue what he really needed, what wasn’t a necessity, and what I would not use completely. But now here we are 6 years later and I find myself in the same mindset. There are so many new brands, gadgets, products it can be downright overwhelming! After a ton of research on brand new products, and remembering what worked great for my son and myself, I have put together a list of what you really need when you are creating your baby registry! If you would like to shop easily, underneath each image the product name is highlighted. Click on it and happy shopping!

Of course you can find everything at Walmart!

4-in-1 Convertible Crib
Fitted Crib Sheets
Hooded Towel with Washcloth

You guys that is seriously everything you need! Again, I found everything at Walmart!


Madewell has been around for years but it seems like just recently they are getting the recognition they deserve! So, in honor of all things Madewell, here are just 5 out of the many reasons I love this brand!

First of all, did you know they recycle ANY and ALL types, brands, styles of denim you have?! I know! They take your old favorite pair of jeans and turn it into housing insulation, and then donate it to charities like Habitat for Humanity! How awesome is that?!!

2.) They also have expert stylists who will personally help you style your outfit and give you tips! That is bomb dot com in my book!

3.) Madewell also has home and beauty lines and girlfriend it is to die for! I need all of their candles in my life, please and thank you!

4.) This company is trendy, affordable, and timeless! Somehow the incredible minds at Madewell know exactly how to create denim that will last you forever, keep it trendy and all the rage, and years later it is still perfection! We all know how it goes when we spend money on trends, once it goes out the window, so do the clothes! But with Madewell that is not the case at all! They must be magicians or something! 🙂

5.) They have such amazing collaborations! Have you heard of the billie razor?! Of course you have! Madewell collaborated with billie to create the shave kit that is absolutely all the rage! Literally everyone and their mama is obsessed with these shave kits and I can tell why!